Event Outline


*Personal Energy assessment

*Energy Time line-when the chakra system begins its story

*Physical & Mental Impact-what stories,events, experiences are dictating your vibration

*Releasing Stagnant Energies & cutting old cords- clearing the vibrational cords of the past

*Re-calibrate your vibration- rest, recharge and support your higher vibration

*Creating an energy toolbox- sound,color,intent,foods,oils, and your truths

Welcome to a new more vibrationally balanced and powerful you!

As a holistic practitioner I have worked with energy for more than a decade and began teaching energy wellness and healing to students in a context that even those who are just beginning to venture into the importance of the human energy fields will be able to understand, work with and apply the tools presented in this energy wellness event. My intent is to empower everyone with the ability to not only understand but to heal and strengthen their personal energy field and self healing powers.

Understanding how every experience impacts our energy health, happiness and the life we are creating on both the conscious and unconscious level is empowering.

Imagine having the awareness to recognize and shift your vibrational set point so you attract the limitless support and opportunities the universe is waiting to send your way ?

Through the use of mindfulness, affirmations, energy exercises, sound,imagery,crystals and essential oils you will amass resources that will help you achieve and maintain a healthier energy field that will support your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

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